Welcome to the History of Computing!

This is a group project we created for our first semester course "Introduction to Web Technologies"

Let's begin!

Early computing

From the ancient years in Babylonia until the start of World War II many important inventions were made that contributed to make the computer the device we are using today.

WW2 - 2000s

This is a strange and evolutionary time for computers and computing in general. A lot of technologies we use today were developed for the purpose of warfare and later passed on to the general public.

Modern era

During the 2000s, many new technologies where introduced to the world while there was a constant improvement of the past technologies. Within the next years we witnessed many succesfull operations and discoveries that they played a major role to the evolution of our spieces.


Many technologies have been trending in the past few years and will possibly influence our future deeply. Some of these technologies are presented in this section.